How to fund Merrybet Account With ATM Card Online

Interswitch is one of the biggest payment platforms in Nigeria, you can make deposits to your Merrybet account easily with your Interswitch ATM card.


How To Make Payments with Interswitch Webpay:

Step one: You have to register as a user on

Step two: You should have an Interswitch debit card, Naira Master Card or Verve card.
Step three: After logging in click on the 'Deposits' link at the top of the webpage, and then on the 'Interswitch' button.
Step four: Enter the amount you want to fund your account with and click 'Next'.
Step five: You will be informed about fee (if it's defined) and total amount to pay. Click 'Confirm' if you accept it.
Step six: In this step you will receive your transaction ID. When you click 'Accept' you'll be redirected to the payment gateway page.
Step seven: On the payment gateway, select your card type and provide card details, pin and whatever other information is required.
Step eight: You'll be redirected back to deposits page, where you can view the status of your transaction.
Step nine: If your transaction is successful, your merrybet account would be funded instantly, and you can make use of the funds.

If you have any problem loading your merrybet account please contact us at You must make deposit with your credit Card. Do not attempt to use a stolen credit card as you would be reported to the  EFCC. You can only withdraw from your Merrybet account to a Nigerian bank account bearing your Card name. We currently have 2 young men in Police Custody who used stolen credit cards  on our website. Please be wise, 5 years in prison is no joke.back to top

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